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Long Leasehold

Sub-letting leasehold - I want to rent out my leasehold flat but the managing agent says the freeholder won’t allow it. I know that other flats in the block are rented out, so what can I do? Landlords usually...
The Right to Pass on or Sell a Leasehold Interest  One of the fundamental principles of a leasehold, which gives an interest or estate in land and property, is the fact that the leasehold interest can be owned and sold or...
Long Leasehold People are often confused when buying a flat (apartment) especially foreign buyers in England and Wales when they discover that what they are actually getting is not the full freehold title to their property but a leasehold interest...
7 Steps to Cutting your Property Tax Bills Key Points: Tax Planning is Important - you need to think ahead with property purchases. Develop a tax efficient investment strategy Plan for the future benefits to your family Use a good accountant Did you know that...

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