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Property as an Investment Property, as an investment vehicle, needs to be judged against other forms of investment, taking into account all those factors which are of prime importance. Although property is a special case, in that most of us need...
Property as an Investment Property has always been a major investment sector, particularly for the large-scale institutional investors such as the pension funds and insurance companies. But for the small investor, (apart from owning your own home) property has for long...
Traditionally, investing in commercial property has been the province of the professionals and the institutions - the big agencies, pension funds and insurance companies. But you don't need to be a property professional to appreciate the benefits of investing in property, particularly in a financial...
Target Your Tenant Market Before you decide to enter the property investment business, and become a fully fledged landlord, it’s important to think carefully about your target market for tenants. Without good tenant demand a rental property can be a liability...
Are you an Investor, or a Speculator? Market bubbles have occurred throughout history with remarkable regularity – it seems collectively we fail to learn from history every time another one comes along. But as individuals, we should: as George Santayana...
Do You Want to Invest in Property? Is now a good time to invest in property? Are we still in a property bubble? Are there better ways to invest: pensions, stock market? Will property prices stagnate for years to come?...

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