出産祝い ウォッチ Projects (Denis (海外取寄せ品) ウォッチ ユニセックス Gray" "Crossover 7292G - Guidone)-男女兼用腕時計

サイズ サイズ:5 x 28 x 5 cm
重さ 重さ:181g
Projects Watches (Denis Guidone) - 7292G "Crossover Gray" Unisex Watch
『Projects ウォッチ (Denis Guidone) - 7292G "Crossover Gray" ユニセックス ウォッチ (海外取寄せ品)』Monochromatic and accented in color Crossover GRAY 2014 Crossover GRAY is the 4th sibling in the Crossover family. Modern and contemporary, Crossover GRAY like its relatives has elegant hands that appear to be precariously balanced and rotate in a seemingly askew manner around the dial. Crossover GRAY is a modern watch with tapered black, white and yellow hands. The second hand is yellow the minute hand is white and the hour hand is black. Follow the pointed ends for the time! Modeled after the game of "pick up stix", Crossover GRAY has thin hands that are slightly askew to the center giving this timepiece elegant stature. You will be staring at time all day but assuredly not wasting it. So, yes, monochromatic and accented in color Crossover GRAY is a unisex watch measuring 40mm (1.57″) in diameter and 7.6mm (0.30″) high. It is made of heavy sandblasted stainless steel with hidden lugs that connect the band seamlessly. Available with a 20mm gray silicone band. Also, be sure to check out Crossover BLACK and our new Crossover STEEL and BRASS. While Crossover BLACK has black, gray and yellow hands; Crossover STEEL and BRASS comes with black, gray and red hands! Designer: Denis Guidone Denis Guidone, as student of architecture, design and visual communication studied urban planning and architecture in Milan, Italy and Oporto, Portugal. His project process was born under the concept of subtraction, an ideology that follows the unification of opposites through a constant approach on the edge of architecture and visual communication, and at the same time mediated by an expressive intensity that addresses work on the basis of subtraction. Fascinated by the passing of time, Guidone carries out this intense didactic work for several universities and design schools, in Italy and abroad. His many awards and honorable mentions include: Ida international design award in Los Angeles, IDOT Best Italian Design Product, and The Bruno Munari international award
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出産祝い ウォッチ Projects (Denis (海外取寄せ品) ウォッチ ユニセックス Gray" "Crossover 7292G - Guidone)-男女兼用腕時計


Acer OEM(Original Bulb and ジェネリック Generic Housing) EC.J2701.001, EC.J3001.001, PD523PD, PD525PD, PD525PW, PD527D, PD527W, PH730 Projector ランプ with ハウジング 『汎用品』(海外取寄せ品)

出産祝い ウォッチ Projects (Denis (海外取寄せ品) ウォッチ ユニセックス Gray" "Crossover 7292G - Guidone)-男女兼用腕時計


GloWatt ET-LAD12K Projector リプレイスメント ランプ With ハウジング for Panasonic プロジェクター (海外取寄せ品)

出産祝い ウォッチ Projects (Denis (海外取寄せ品) ウォッチ ユニセックス Gray" "Crossover 7292G - Guidone)-男女兼用腕時計

Optoma TS721 - Genuine OEM フィリップス projector bare bulb リプレイスメント (海外取寄せ品)


出産祝い ウォッチ Projects (Denis (海外取寄せ品) ウォッチ ユニセックス Gray" "Crossover 7292G - Guidone)-男女兼用腕時計

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